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A Picture-Perfect Event: Baby Showers

August 2 2019 | Blog

First stop on our Tips and Tricks for planning your perfect event: Baby Showers

Baby showers are often held at someone's house, but with all of the stress fall is sure to bring, why not plan your shower at the Sully Mansion? The Sully is not just a Bed & Breakfast, but it is also the perfect place to host an event. With its clean, crisp, and intimate atmosphere, the Sully's parlor is a great spot to have baby showers. Read below to find out how we can help you throw an unforgettable baby shower for your friend or family member. 

Tips and Tricks for Hosting the Perfect Baby Shower: 

Set the scene

Decorations are key in setting the mood for an event. When it comes to baby showers, you'll want the environment to feel light, airy, and full of happiness. This can be acheived more inexpensively than you might think - often with items that you might have around the house or tucked away in the arts and crafts closet. We love to use things like simple, white streamers, ribbons, colored paper, twine, and homemade paper flowers. If you don't have much time on your hands to prepare hand made decor, fresh flowers are a great way to add an effortlessly elegant look. 

Serve the goods

We all love snacks, it's a given. Nothing gets people more excited than walking into a room full of treats decorated in colored sugar and sprinkles. Making treats and decorating them is an easy, yet creative way to draw the crowd to the dessert table. Imagine the beautiful view of sugar cookies with pink or blue icing, rice crispies dipped in pink or blue chocolate, and don't forget the fun (not so edible) diaper cake

Memorable beverages are a must on this special day. One of our personal favorites is this lavender-lemonade mocktail, another cute idea that will have everyone talking. Want to spice it up? Just add a little vodka for the non-expecting.

Play the games

Baby showers tend to have lots of momentum as the guests are arriving but can sometimes stall out before opening gifts. This is a great time to break out the games and get everyone enaged and having a good time. Who doesn't love a little light-hearted competition? We all know that baby shower games can often be a bit silly, but we have found a few that are truly worth playing. Our favorite includes “How Big is the Baby Bump?” 

Step 1: Everyone tears off a streamer or toilet paper length of estimated size of the bump. Step 2: The expecting mom-to-be walks around to each guest and lets them wrap the streamer around her. Whoever is the closest wins. See? Easy! 

Hosting a baby shower requires a lot of time and effort, but with these tips and tricks you'll be a pro-host in no time. Throwing a polished party is possible with the right tools and we are here to help! To learn more about booking the Sully Mansion to host your next Baby Shower or event, click here

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